Promoter - "Mighty" Mike Evans

Athletic History

  A 2015 Wrestler's Hall of Fame inductee; known as "Mighty", 6' 2" with a reach of 79 inches, Mike Evans retired from competitive sports in 2003. As a professional boxer, he achieved 264 rounds with a final record of 38-11-1; a Mid-West Regional title in 1988, the IBF Intercontinental title in 1991, and the minor heavyweight belts of the Global Boxing Federation (GBF) and the Global Boxing Organization (GBO) in 2002. Mike is an athlete's athlete, and found it natural to encourage other wrestlers and boxers even as he pursued his own dreams. His love of the sport and respect for the individual compels him to share his experiences and knowledge of the industry-nine years under the promotional genius of Don King.  Mike was integral in launching the careers of 20 boxers with professional achievements, such as, a contender for the World Title, a WBC International Champion, and a British Continental Champion.